Get Back Lost Love - Write a Letter the Right Way

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If you are thinking of writing a letter to your ex then make sure you take this advice to heart. There is a way to write a letter to get back lost love, but there is also a way not to do it.

Just to make this clear, this advice is for those people who have been dumped and not the other way around. Also this letter should only be written and passed on to your ex after you have given them a lot of space. This means that you have not been in contact with your ex in any way prior to your giving them this letter.

Why a letter and why not calling? A letter is far better than trying to speak with your ex directly because you can take time to write your thoughts out and express yourself clearly. You can also control your emotions and delete the parts that you really don't want them to know about. You want to get back lost love and not chase them away. Emotional conversations will often result in more tears and bigger walls between you.

So how should you write the letter?

The whole "atmosphere" should be friendly. You should write about how you are doing, explaining how you have been doing much better since you broke up. Write how much you respect them for being honest and how it couldn't have been an easy decision for them either. In this time since the break up explain how you have come to learn a lot about yourself and had this not happened, you might never have grown up and realized specific things about yourself. Also write about general things like what you have been doing. Go off topic and write about stuff that might not even relate to your ex. Finally end the letter by saying thank you for what you had. Say that you treasure those memories but that you have to move on. As much as you have to move on, explain very simply that you still care. As as a human being, say how feelings don't just die when the relationship ends so you are needing time to "work" on those feelings.

So the letter is friendly and you are writing to say how you have moved on but are still showing them that you have feelings for them.

This kind of letter will get your ex thinking more about you. The minute they see that you are moving on, they will most likely do a double take and re think what they have done. This is where they might start becoming a little more interested in you than before. Since you have given them space, they might be missing your company by this stage too.

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Writing a letter like this is a powerful tool to get back lost love. But writing a letter is not the only way to do it. I learned about the letter writing from a relationship advice book called "The Magic of Making Up".

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Get Back Lost Love - Write a Letter the Right Way

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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