How to Write Effective Sales Letters

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Sales letters should be part of your marketing arsenal. Whether you are sending them through the mail or by email, a strong sales letter can capture your readers attention and excite them about a new product or service. That is, if you write a results-driven letter. There are some things you should know about making this traditional marketing tool more effective.

Understand your audience. Use the proper voice and tone for your letter based on the group that you are sending it to. Use a formal tone for older groups and a more casual one for a younger audience. Always address it to a real recipient.

Your sales letter should not be to a general recipient. You should know your customer, address the letter by name and understand why they might want to buy from you. Tailor your offers for groups like recent college graduates, new home or car purchasers or seniors and tailor the letter accordingly.

You have a tiny window of opportunity to grab your reader's attention. Be clear and up front on what your message is about, no later than the second paragraph. Be brief and to the point. You can add more detail further down in the letter or email.

Make sure you understand the benefits of your product or service. Tell them what they can gain by contacting you and buying. Focus on what the benefits are and don't just list the features of an item or service. "You can save them time, keep them from wasting money, help them stay organized". Understanding the recipients helps you focus on the benefits that are important to them.

Everyone is more decisive if they are given a deadline. Special offers that expire at a certain are more likely to be responded to than an open-ended offer. Providing a bonus free product if the prospect makes contact by the deadline is even more compelling.

Let the reader know what you expect them to do after reading the letter. This is your "call to action". Whether it is a call to your store, going to a Web site, or filling out and returning a form, don't expect the sales letter to make your sale. It is meant only to get the prospects attention. Work on the sale after they've taken that next step.

Your letter should not be more than one-page, easy to read and professional. Proofread well for spelling and proper grammar. Use good graphic design, plenty of white space (blank areas), bullet points and italics or bold print to call attention to particular details. Emphasize key points and remember to end with the next step or "call to action".

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How to Write Effective Sales Letters

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This article was published on 2010/03/26