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Come and let us learn American Sign Language. What is American Sign Language? It is the sign language used in the United States by the deaf population. But it is not limited to them only, there are people who study this sign language to be American Sign Language Users. They are the one teaching this form of communication.

How can you learn American Sign Language? First, try to study the basic alphabets and number. There are lots of information ready to be downloaded through the internet. There are also video tutorials for you to view. Second, buy dictionary of American Sign Language for your reference. Buy those with known and good author. Third, enrol in a school specializing in this kind of language. Watch and understand all the lessons carefully. Fourth, be friendly and make some friends with the deaf population. Frequent interaction with them will help you understand and be more familiar with this form of sign language.

Let us learn American Sign Language hand shape. Letter A and number 10 are formed by fist with thumb on side. Letter B is shaped by flat hands with fingers together. Letter C is created by cupped hand. Letter D is produced by pointing index finger with lotus hand. Letter E and number 5 are shaped by spread hand. Letter F and number 9 are formed by the thumb touching the index finger while extending the others. Letters U and H are created by index and middle fingers together. Letters I and J are created by pointing pinky finger. Letters K and P are formed by chopsticks hand. Letter L is shaped by thumb and index finger apart. Letter O is formed by thumb touching fingertips. Letter R is created by crossed fingers. Letter S is shaped by fist with thumb on front. Letter T is formed by fist with thumb between index and middle finger. Letter V and number 2 are created by index and middle fingers apart. Letter W and number 6  are shaped by thumb touching pinky. Letter X is formed by hooked index finger. Letter Y is formed by fist with pinky and thumb extended. Letter Z and number 1 are created by pointing index finger with fist hand.  Number 3 is shaped by thumb, index, and middle finger extended. Number 4 is formed by flat hand with fingers apart.

It is important that the persons who are in constant encounter with the deaf are knowledgeable in sign language for them to properly interpret what they are trying to signal or imply . Who are these persons? They are the parents, relatives and friends of a deaf person, deaf parents, people working in a deaf center or school, social workers, people who are working in line with deaf employer and deaf employees. Where to study American Sign Language? There are many schools available and specialized in this form of communication. They have all the programs needed for you to learn sign language the easiest and the fastest way possible.

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Learn American Sign Language

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This article was published on 2011/07/26