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A business letter is a formal letter utilized by professionals in an organization. The need for letter writing has lessened with new technologies, specifically the email. However, there are cases where such a letter may be vital. It is subsequently important that great care is observed when writing a formal letter. An appropriate formal letter should have the desired effect it hopes to accomplish. The proceeding instructions covers the essentials involved in correct letter writing. Pay close attention to details given about formatting which is a basic part of the entire process.

Required Tools:

An operational computer
A printer

Required Materials:

8.5 by 11 high quality printer paper


Begin the letter by typing the return address at the top right-hand corner of the letter. This should be followed by the current date. Align the address so that all the individual lines of the address are in line with each other to one side, preferably to the left side of the address.

Place the address of the recipient to the left of the paper about one space underneath the address that has been placed to the top right-hand corner of the paper.
The opening salutation of the letter can be typed as Dear Mr. ____:. The "Dear" may be followed by a colon or a comma either will do. If the name is not known, although it is best to address a formal letter with a name, use "Dear Sir or Madame". Always place an appropriate title before the recipient's name. This may be Ms. Mrs. Miss. Mr or Dr. If you are uncertain of a woman's marital status or how she prefers to be called use Ms.

You can now write the body of the letter.

State your intention in the first paragraph. However, be careful not to write "I am writing this letter to", allow the letter to speak for itself with understandable and concise language.

Separate the paragraphs by double spacing and using tabs to indent the beginning of each paragraph or use block style. Try to be concise and only put the relevant information that is necessary in each paragraph.

Conclude the letter with a salutation of choice. "Yours Truly", "Yours Sincerely" and "Yours Faithfully" are all widely accepted closings. Enter your name four spaces below the closing of the letter. Insert a line using the underline tool in the word processor above your name or use the underscore several times.
Print the letter and affix your signature directly and neatly on the designated line.

Tips and Warnings:

Always use the spell check and grammar tools offered by the word processor. Proof read the letter once it is finished. To perform a substantial proof read print a mock copy of the letter, most printers allow printing in draft mode. This will guarantee that the letter is aligned and print ready and also increases the likelihood that you will detect any mistakes.

Always adopt a polite tone when writing a formal letter regardless of the potential negative situation that the letter addresses.
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Professional Business Letter Writing

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