The Perfect Letter of Intent

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The letter of intent is your business card to the new job, reflecting the education, experience, personality of the applicant.

Format of the letter of intent:

There is an official format, but are frequently followed several rules. Module addressing is formal, such as "Dear Mr. .... You can do this if you know the name of the director or employer. Or "Dear Ladies and gentlemen". You can use this when it is a great company.

If no directory name is unknown or employer, call the company and ask who will receive the letter. In a letter of intent is recommended to write the following information:

Name, address, telephone number, including the date when you write it. In the letter of intent you should never write the hours or days when you are available. If necessary, take a free day from work. Sometimes companies get to contest several places at once. In the letter of intent you must specify the job you are interested in, so that the employer will have no difficulty in sorting the paper documents. The employer wants to know if you are able to do that job, so do not write general facts about you.

In addition to complying with the professional requirements mentioned in the notice, it is important to respond to any questions that the employer could ask in the ad. If the employer wants to know how much money do you want you could always say how much you won on the last job and that you want to win at least like that or more. To be successful, the letter of intent must relate only to work out the contest and at the same time to attract the interest of the employer on the author. Some of the original formulation can be useful, but are not limited to personal possibilities.

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The Perfect Letter of Intent

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This article was published on 2010/03/30